What Spring Actually is…

The countdown is on! Spring and Summer are just around the corner and I think based off of this year’s winter most are pretty excited to see it get warmer outside.

And it’s true, our average temperatures are rising and we are getting more daylight each day. But what actually is Spring?

Well, if you’re talking to a meteorologist they’ll actually say that Spring began on March 1st. Why? Because a meteorologist observes Spring for the months of March, April, and May. The reason is simple.

It’s easier to keep track of data when it remains the same every year. Unlike, the start of Spring most people go by which is Astronomical Spring.

But yes, the start of Spring is officially on Wednesday. It falls on March 20th this year. Wait… it doesn’t just start on the 20th, but it also has a time… 5:58 pm.

Here’s why?

Spring means Vernal Equinox, which leads us to the definition. It is when the sun’s direct rays cross the equator.

Courtesy: NOAA.gov

Now, when the sun crosses the equator, we will have a day of equal light. The sun will shine the same amount of time that it is dark outside. 12 hours of day and night.

Once we enter Spring the sun’s direct rays will actually continue to move North, into the Northern Hemisphere, and will stop as it gets to the Tropic of Cancer or to 23.5 degrees N because of Earth’s tilt.

Courtesy: scijinks.gov

When it comes to the weather in Spring it also changes. Mid-March can still get snow storms (depending on where you are) and the temperatures may still be chilly with little to no vegetation in bloom. But by the end of Spring, closer towards June, the days are longer and it probably feels more like summer.

On June 21, we will welcome in the Summer months.

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