WMO Retires Two Names from the Catastrophic 2018 Hurricane Season

The hurricane season, which starts June 1st and ends November 30th every year, is one of the most dangerous times of the year.

Many sources say it isn’t the wind that makes a hurricane the most dangerous, but the storm surge. Sometimes the storm surge can increase rapidly… especially as the eye wall approaches.

Every so often you do find those storms showing absolute beautiful from satellite imagery, but from the Earth’s surface it is a powerful force of nature.

And in the 2018 hurricane season we had two very memorable hurricanes…. Michael and Florence .

Every 6 years the same hurricane names are reused, but when a storm of destruction arrives, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) may choose to retire those names. Just like for Michael and Florence. They will no longer be shown on the name rotation. Instead those names have been replaced with Francine and Milton respectively.

And will show up on the 2024 hurricane name list.

According to the WMO… 88 names have been retired from the Atlantic basin name list since 1953.

Both of these natural disasters cost billions of dollars in damage and were deadly.

Hurricane Florence was one of the most deadliest and costliest to every hit the Carolinas with 51 deaths.

Hurricane Michael had at least 45 deaths as it struck the panhandle of Florida. It was the most intense hurricane to ever hit the Florida Panhandle and was the 3rd strongest in the U.S. based on pressure levels with ghe 4th strongest wind speeds.

Definitely one to remember, reason why these two names have been retired.

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