Cherry Blossoms to Peak April 1st — But Visit Before the Peak

People from all over the world come to the National Cherry Blossom festival located in D.C. at the National Mall.

They are a baby pink color and it’s just absolutely stunning when they peak.

Full bloom cherry blossom. Photo courtesy: National Park Service

And the peak date this year (2019) is anticipated for April 1st! — according to the National Park Service. This is where 70% of the trees will be in full bloom.

However, you might want to get there early such as Saturday or Sunday (and Sunday may even be tricky).

The reason… Saturday is two days before the expected peak, but the weather will be absolutely gorgeous, temperatures in the 70s and partly cloudy skies. On Sunday, a cold front will come through and along with this front brings rain, wind, and falling temperatures throughout much of the day.

And my fear is with the wind (30 mph gusts) on Saturday night and into Monday… the cherry blossoms may have fallen off…creating a better scene or picture perfect conditions for Saturday. Despite being two days before full bloom.

If the winds don’t get as gusty on Sunday then it could be better on Monday, on the expected peak date, but the temperatures will make it very chilly to walk around. For me personally, I would go on Saturday and take a chance by going a few days early rather than risking to go on Monday once all of the blossoms have fallen off.

Either way you choose there are tons of activities to do over the next few weeks in D.C.

And not to mention, the weather is slowly improving because we are well into the Spring season and temperatures are only expected to rise. This doesn’t just go for D.C., but also the country as a whole.

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