First Time at the Cherry Blossom Festival

My previous blog post on the Cherry Blossom Festival was telling you all about the peak date and a small portion of the forecast.

Now it is the peak date and I went yesterday and it was beautiful!

It was my first time seeing the Cherry Blossoms and it was well worth it. It was a little chilly out, but it was comfortable… if you wore a jacket. And for someone who’s always cold the temperature was just right, at 57 degrees in the afternoon.

But the weather… a cold front did come through as predicted and it did bring rain in the morning hours. This helped that the cold front came in earlier because this drew in the big crowds (safe to say that there were thousands of people) for the rest of the day. There were times where you had to dodge people from walking and stopping then taking a picture.

I’ll admit, I myself am a culprit of doing that. I was able to snag a few awesome photos of the famous flowers.

As the front passed the winds remained gusty, keeping chilly, and some of the blossoms were already blowing off.

Some of you may say that when the blossoms start to go past their peak… it’s even prettier than when in bloom… because it looks like falling snow and covers the sidewalks.

I witnessed some of the trees already doing that. However, today is also the full bloom and the trees are out. Except the wind stuck around. I’m sure if you have plans to go or if I go today then there will be more of that ‘snow’ falling. I’m sure all photographers would love that. Please feel free to comment some of your pictures.

There is still some concern with the potential coastal storm (Tuesday night into Wednesday) and if it continues to push west for the track then the winds will likely be stronger in DC over the next few days. The sooner you go out to the Tidal Basin the better.

My experience at the Festival was a good one to have, especially because this was a first for me. Yes, there was a lot of walking and people, but the time you spend with friends and family is really what matters. Despite the 6 miles and blisters.

I’d definitely go again and again simply because it’s a beautiful part of nature and the reason the Cherry Blossoms exist in DC in the first place brings in a lot of history. There is still a lot to be learned… and not to mention the weather plays a big part for when it comes time to bloom.

I was reading up on how long the flowers do last and it isn’t very long as suspected. From the day of full bloom, April 1, you have 2-3 days before and after to get all you can get out of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

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