Top Destinations for Exploring So Far

Oh man does 75 degrees and lots of sun say a good day for a hike? Or a beach day? It could be a little bit of both.

I had recently moved back to the east coast and I also love exploring new areas, so the same place that’s close to home doesn’t mean you still can’t explore. Whether it’s visiting the beaches, new hiking trails, or even biking I love to get out and enjoy the fresh air… especially after being inside all winter long.

I am always looking for good ideas or things to do. Any ideas? I’ll take them. Just comment below.

I had recently visited Pemberton Park. It is on the Delmarva Peninsula and close to Salisbury, Maryland. They have a few beautiful trails if you want to escape the hustle and bustle.

Pemberton Park in Maryland

I myself spent a few hours there just hiking all of the trails. There are parts that look over the Wicomico River and you get to take in the beauty. At certain times of the day you’ll notice that the marsh will peak through low tides and that’s exactly when I was there. I honestly didn’t even see another person around (maybe that’s because it was Tuesday)., but it made for the perfect exploration.

The other week I had also visited Public Landing. It is just outside of Snow Hill, Maryland. While there are no hiking trails that I found (since I just stood on a pier and took a few photos) it does overlook Assateague Island. You might have to squint because it is out in the horizon, so it might look like you’re staring at the Atlantic Ocean, but you aren’t. There are only a few houses nearby and no cell-phone reception, but I feel like it’s a perfect place to take in the scenery and of course take a few photos.

At Public Landing overlooking Assateague Island.

My goal is to visit many more places on the Peninsula. Anyone ever visit Tangier or Smith Island? I’ve had a Smith Island cake but that’s about it. Or how about visiting Assateague itself and seeing the ponies, or just south of there… Chincoteague? It’s all very pretty and can make for a gorgeous day trip. And I can quarantee you’ll find me there some day this year and you” find a blog post about it in the summer… I’m sure of it.

The other day it reached 82 degrees in Rehoboth beach (in April! APRIL!! The earliest beach day I have ever had in my entire life and I’m from south Jersey), and I do have to say it might have been one of the best beach days ever!

There were hardly any people and the weather was sunny… I did bring sunblock and yet I still managed to burn. I think it’s because I’m just not used to the summer sun just yet. After all, I was pretty much a couch potato all winter long.

Now it’s the time to explore. I do plan on taking the Cape May- Lewis Ferry at least once this year and going over to D.C. and Virginia Beach in the summer months. Who knows what I’ll find there? Like I said if you have any ideas I’d be more than happy to listen.

All you need is a car and some clothes and you’re in traveling distance of anywhere!

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