Jobs You Can have with a Met Degree

Everyone knows their local weatherman or local meteorologist. You have to get your weather from somewhere and that ‘somewhere’ forecast is driven from a forecaster… and they have a degree in meteorology.

But what if you’re thinking about getting that degree or you already have one?… what do you do with it???

That’s the ultimate question.

For me, it was very simple. I had always wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist and I am living my dream. It is very interesting to note… only 10% of meteorologists are in the broadcasting sector. So if you have a meteorology degree or are planning on getting one, being a broadcast meteorologist is not the only option.

The biggest employer for meteorologists is the government (according to the American Meteorological Society). Most of them work for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, and the National Weather Service (NWS) is also under that criteria. There are others in the military and in other government departments.

Many of these meteorologists develop research, create forecasts, and further expand the meteorology field. The options are really endless.

Private companies are the next big thing. Whether it’s local television stations, weather consultancy companies, or private research firms. The options are really endless.

If you see a need for a meteorologist go and start your own business. Some meteorologists are now a part of forensics. In some court cases the weather makes a difference and it’s your job to determine whether it did make a difference or not. This almost goes hand in hand with private researching.

A lot of research has been done, but there are still many more things to learn. You are living in a time where weather forecasts have never been greater and in order for them to keep getting better you can contribute to new research and developments.

Another route you can go in the private sector is working for airlines, cruise companies, or golf courses. Like I said — if a sporting event or vacation or anything that is impacted by weather — there is a need for a meteorologist.

Another sector for jobs in meteorology is the education route. You can earn a PhD and educate the younger generations and continue to do research on your own. The are many colleges and universities that provide funding for continued research if you’re into researching.

In order for any job in the meteorology sector you do need a meteorology degree. If you read my previous post you can understand that becoming a meteorologist isn’t the easiest, but it can definitely pay off. It did for me and I know it can for you! If you have any question please comment below.

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