Taking Travels to See Weather

They say Millennials or the younger generations aren’t getting a driver’s license because they don’t feel the need to travel anywhere… because of social media.

They can just google any location they want and view any photo that’s been uploaded from that location.

Case closed. You don’t need to travel since you can view it from there. It practically feels like you’re there.

Well… does it really??

This doesn’t necessarily pertain to everyone.

Foggy conditions.

When I was that age I couldn’t wait to get a license. And I’m so glad I did. You can go anywhere. No restrictions (besides the rules of the road). Complete freedom.

Now, you’re probably wondering… where exactly am I going with this… right? Because where’s the connection with weather or meteorology.

I’m getting to there, trust me.

As I’m very into my weather, I like look at the radar, look at satellite imagery, and the models, but when you actually go look outside and see it for yourself, you get a better idea for what you’re looking at.

Now, I’m not a storm chaser, but viewing the weather from outside is incredible. And to get a closer view… you can drive to it… just do it safely.

But it isn’t just about a drive to see weather… you’re driving to new locations and you get a better understanding for your forecasts. If you physically see the hills and towns, then you can put that into perspective for your forecasts… it’s called getting to know the area.

And with new locations, comes different weather features that you have learned about, but now you can see/feel for yourself what this actually is.

For example, you can learn how cold it is in Canada, but do you actually know what it feels like? Take a drive and go see for yourself. Then, you can snap a picture to relive it and tell that story of “guess how cold it was when I went to Canada?”

For me, my coldest temperatures that I have ever felt was 42 degrees — below zero in North Dakota.

Sun dogs and cold temperatures in North Dakota.

That’s just one reason as to why it’s important to getting a driver’s license for when it comes to weather… just travelling and taking in all of the scenery and weather for yourself.

Trust me, it’s much better than sitting inside all of the time.

This blog post might have been a stretch for me, but it is important to get out and view your surroundings. You can learn a lot from it — even in meteorology.

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