Hot, Humid, and Tough to Sleep at Night

The past couple of days have been brutal during the day and at night.

The weather has been around 90 degrees and the dew points have been in the 70s. You know what that means — it’s muggy. Now, when you usually wake up to dew points in the 60s that calls for a humid day, let alone in the 70s.

Let’s just say there have been a few really bad hair days recently… and I’m sure you can relate.

Well, when it’s hot and humid during the day, that will usually carryover into the overnight hours. And it makes for very unpleasant sleeping weather.

And it doesn’t even matter if you have the A/C on or not… it’s just hot for everyone.

Overlooking the Delaware River in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
A hot and humid day in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

If you’re anything like me, you are very stubborn to put on the A/C and it’s all about saving a few extra dollars… even if it means sparing some sleep.

At 70 degrees you’re hot and sweaty, and you toss and turn at night, and it just seems like it’s the worst night of sleep you’d ever had. And you debate whether you should put the A/C on or not. But somehow, you push through it.

By the time it’s morning, you’re almost wishing you never fell asleep to begin with because your sleep was so bad.

Ways to Stay Cool

You can only do so much sometimes.

  • You can place a wet towel over your pillow to keep your head cool.
  • You can turn on as many fans as you have.
  • You can place a wet washcloth over your forehead.
  • You can take a cold shower.
  • You can buy a cooling pillow.

There are a few options for you to stay cool, but sometimes it’s limited. For me, my apartment is on the 3rd floor and it doesn’t allow for any breezes to come in.

So it really does stay warm at day and night. Luckily, it doesn’t face the sun, so I don’t get too much day time heating.

Either way, it gets hot and sleeping can be difficult.

Sunlight peeking through the leaves of a tree.
Sunlight peeking through the leaves of a tree.

I do love when I forecast storms for those hot evenings and nights because that will typically mean a bit of a cool down for the night.

For example, yesterday we had a high of 86 and it was humid, but there were strong to severe storms passing through once the sun set. And because this was a cold front, this dropped the temperatures to 62 degrees at night.

This sure did beat the lows in the 70s. So, I did sleep better.

Now, the cooler air is expected to continue to filter in and this will drop the lows to about 50 for tomorrow night.

Can you tell I’m excited??? Because I am. I can actually catch a few ZZZZ’s.

But of course, we are only in the beginning of summer and there will be more nights of 70 degree and plus.

I’ll take advantage of the next two days.

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