How Weather Affects You?

You’re probably thinking the obvious when you read my title, “How Weather Affects you?”, like how it can alter your plans for the day.

Which is true, but it also does a lot more than that.

Keep reading.

Plans are affected

If you have plans to head to a baseball game, but you hear that rain is in the forecast… would you go? Or would you rather just sit and wait at the stadium if there’s a rain delay… or if there’s lightning? Then that’s another whole problem. The stadium would then have to be evacuated because baseball is outside and you don’t want to be outside during a game.

What about if you have plans to go hiking? It’s the same thing. If it’s raining you’re probably going to think twice about going for that hike and maybe go to the gym instead.

I know for me personally, I have changed my plans a lot for the day. The most common is if I want to spend a day at the beach. Typically, you want a nice hot and muggy day to escape from the heat, but maybe it’s a little too chilly… do I go or not? Because after all, it is usually much cooler at the beach than inland. Or if there’s a 40% chance of rain.

Well, no one wants to risk getting rained on at the beach.

A day at the beach, but the clouds may get in the way and impact your day. Ocean City, Maryland.
A hot and humid day at the beach, but the clouds may get in the way and impact your day. Ocean City, Maryland.

The options are really endless on how the weather can alter your daily activities.

Another way is how it can affect your mood.

Affects your mood

This surely has a big impact.

Let’s say it’s winter and it gets dark early, like around 5 pm, and you just got home from work. You’re brain may think it’s immediately time for bed or that you’re feeling depressed because you didn’t see much of the sun today.

A cloudy and depressing day in Public Landing, MD.
A cloudy and maybe a depressing day in Public Landing, MD.

But, you may notice that, in the summer months, you come home from work and you feel energized enough to do some gardening, maybe cook a nice meal, or get a good workout in.

That may all be because of the weather impacting you.

It could also come down to temperature or if it’s raining. If you like it hot, chances are you’ll probably be more active. Or if it’s cold you may like to run more. It really just depends on you and what you like, but it’s almost guaranteed that you feel better when the weather is this way when compared to another.

I for one sleep more in the winter. I can easily sleep 10 or 11 hours, but in the summer because I’m hot, I find it very difficult to sleep, but then again I typically feel happier and energized because the sun is out longer.

There are perks to the hot and the cold, but it may just depend on how you prefer it.

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