Meteorology Impacts You More Than You Think

No matter where you look the weather is there.

It obviously contains itself in the sky and in a layer in the atmosphere called the troposphere.

But sometimes the atmosphere releases moisture (rain and snow) and this falls to the ground and then it can impact you.

We can make up a long list on how the weather makes an impact on your life, but the short story is that it does in nearly every way.

A foggy night in Bismarck, North Dakota. This is reducing visibility.
A foggy night in Bismarck, North Dakota. This is reducing visibility.

They say that when you watch a local newscast — the weather is the number one reason why people watch.


The weather can decide life alterations for you. It can influence you on where you should live. If you don’t like the cold you probably won’t move to Upstate New York. That may also be the case if you don’t like the snow.

If you like warm weather, Florida may be a good option for you.

Another big impact that weather can make an impact in is your job.

Generally, if you have an office job the weather probably won’t affect you as much, but if you’re in construction work, an electrician, landscaper, farmer, etc. you’re most likely paying close attention to the forecast.

Because if rain is in the forecast you might not have a lot of work ahead.

Or your projects are getting delayed.

But then again this may trickle down to the office job because if the outside work isn’t getting done than this can impact finances and projected times for the job completion.

If you plow snow, then you have to be prepared to spend hours in a plow. And the more snow the harder it may be. It can also be a decision if you should salt the roads ahead of time or not.

Maybe you’re a water man, the winds and the sea heights are important to you. If it’s rough along the water then you want to use extra caution.

Out on the Missouri River in Bismarck, North Dakota.
Out on the Missouri River in Bismarck, North Dakota.

This list is just the beginning.

For me, it alters my day and I’m the meteorologist.

If there’s snow in the forecast then I have to pay close attention to my forecast because the one question someone asks is ‘how much?’ And I better have that answer for them.

Only a few inches of snow on the ground in Delmar, Maryland.
Only a few inches of snow on the ground in Delmar, Maryland.

We discussed in previous blog that the weather affects you. And it does. This post branches off of that and there could honestly be 1,000 more articles about how it does.

I bet I could tell a different story every single day. And that story would be how it impacted me today.

It is today already.

It’s raining and gloomy out so I’ve decided I won’t kick back by the shore, but now it comes down to running outside or inside… and what time do I go if I go for a run outside. Then it becomes what can I do later in the day if it’s pouring rain.

The list really goes on.

Maybe I should just keep my blog on how the weather impacts me everyday… Then I can also hear stories on how it impacts YOU.

Comment below and tell me how it does!

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