One Long and Sweaty Bike Ride

Ever just want to get up off of the couch and do something? Well, that’s what I decided to do.

I biked 18 miles.

And I initially said that I wasn’t going to go that far, but I did.

By the end of it I was more than happy I completed the path.

How It All Got Started

I couldn’t figure out what to do that day. Then all of the sudden it hit me… let’s go for a bike ride.

Bike trail along Cape Henlopen State Park
Bike trail along Cape Henlopen State Park.

So I began looking up places to rent a bike, because I didn’t have mine nearby, and I found a nice bike shop in Lewes, Delaware.

The next thing I did was change my clothes, lace up some sneakers, and then drove 1 hour to get to the shop. I did make a wrong turn getting there, but I eventually made it.

Once I got to Lewes, there were bikes everywhere. I have been to Lewes a few times, but I have never noticed that many people on bikes.

That’s when I knew I made the right decision to go.

Now, I walked into the bike shop and they helped me right away. I got the bike I wanted and off I went.

Directly in front of the bike shop is the trail. And this trail was 18 miles. It does a loop from Lewes, through Cape Henlopen State Park, which connects to Rehoboth, and back to Lewes.

View of the Delaware Bay within Cape Henlopen State Park. This is along the bike trail.
View of the Delaware Bay within Cape Henlopen State Park. This is along the bike trail.

I would have never thought of going the whole way. The part that enticed me to go the entire way was the the beautiful ride. Everywhere you looked was a new sight to see and something different.

It started out on this paved path off of the road for about a mile and then you had to share the road with cars for another mile or so before you entered Cape Henlopen.

Cape Henlopen is free for bikers to enter and the entire way through is a beautifully paved path. This makes you feel safe when biking around, especially if you have kids with you.

In the State Park, there are a few destinations for you to pull off. It’s a great idea just to take a minute and breathe or observe what’s around you.

For me, I did both. I rested, observed, and took a few pictures.

More than once.

I travel up a few hills and saw the view of Delaware’s coastline,

And went up in a tower that was used in WW2.

After that all passed, Gordon’s Pond was next… or should I say swamp. It smelled like one at least. This stretch of the bike ride was 3.5 miles and it was flat. A good resting point.

Gordon's Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park
Gordon’s Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park

I saw some beautiful birds, wildlife, and watched other bikers coming in from the other direction.

Once these 3.5 miles were over, I entered into Rehoboth. It was a bit difficult to navigate through the streets because there was no trail at this point. Just along neighborhood roads. Then all of the sudden the trail started back up again. I did take a pit stop at the local farmer’s market at one of their parks.

Then the path was on the trail again… another 9 miles to go… only half way there.

The path from Rehoboth to Lewes continued to have on and off stretches of road and a bike path.

But I was nearing the end. And I was covered in dirt and gravel at this point. And not to mention, sweat. And a lot of it. I was even wishing I had brought more water.

I was in the final stretch now. I came through my last turn and the bike shop was the best sight I have ever seen. I raced to the end and I got off that bike with a big smile on my face.

I knew I had just biked 18 miles. That is something I would have never thought I would have done.

And I’d do it again. Only next time, I’m going to get my own bike. Just so I don’t have to keep renting every time I want to go for a bike ride.

The Weather

I was also very thankful for the weather because it wasn’t sunny. There was the perfect amount of clouds in the sky to make up for a long bike ride. Yes, it was hot and humid, but at least the sun wasn’t shining down on you the entire time.

Mostly cloudy skies along the Cape Henlopen bike trail in Delaware.
Mostly cloudy skies along the Cape Henlopen bike trail in Delaware.

I did lather on the sunblock before I went, and let’s just say that after it was over, the sunblock had all sweated off.

The End

Overall, I was amazed with the bike trails that the area provided. I wasn’t expecting that nice of path. And the most amazing part… other bikers were using the path.

I’m used to being the only one on the trail, but this had me surprised and in a good way.

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