It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Rain, wind, and hail can all be neat weather features. With the view of big thunderstorm clouds rolling off into the distance or big waves coming onshore it can be very dangerous, but it can impact you during a certain time of the day.

At Night.

Storms at night are especially dangerous when it comes to weather. The simple answer is because you’re sleeping and you can’t see the storms coming towards you.

You’re also asleep so you can’t get alerts on your phone… causing you to be unaware of what’s going on outside.

If there’s a tornado, you have no way of knowing if you’re asleep at night. You may have only known that severe weather is expected at night, but you need to be cautious just in case severe weather does come your way.

More deaths and injuries do happen in the overnight hours. This is when the weather is involved.

Approaching severe weather. Salisbury, Maryland.
Approaching severe weather. Salisbury, Maryland.

The storms during the evening may look very picture perfect, but by the time they reach you, you better watch out.

From the distance the storms can look very ominous, and truth be told, they are, but you need to be aware of what may be heading your way.

As a meteorologist it is my job to alert you, but sometimes the task is not easy.

Since a lot of storms do develop in the evening and overnight hours it can be hard to communicate with the public. If you know that severe weather is heading towards you, be aware and have your NOAA weather radio on hand, extra food and water, and a flashlight handy, because you just never know.

No two storms are alike, just like no two days are, and because this is the case you have to be ready for anything.

Shelf cloud. Delmar, Maryland.
Shelf cloud. Delmar, Maryland.

When you hear a weather forecast has dew points in the 70’s in the morning hours and storms are expected at night, you better be prepared for severe weather coming directly towards you.

So far, this year has been hot and muggy, and for Maryland and Delaware, this has been the most active severe weather season from year to date. With a few tornadoes having already occurred, you want to be alert for more just in case severe weather strikes at anytime.

The Laurel, Delaware tornado classified under that dark and stormy night. With a tornado developing between 2-3 AM and it was dark out, but luckily there were no injuries with this EF-2 tornado.

But if you watch any local media TV station, you know that is not always the case.

Severe weather can pack its punch in the middle of the night and if it does, please be aware and be prepared in case the worst scenario happens.

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