The Dog Days of Summer

Have you noticed that I like the beach? I have already written a few blog posts about the beach, and I’m only a few months into blogging. But it is now the dog days of summer.

Maybe I’m starting to find my passion for a blog. It started with me learning and teaching you weather and climate (and I’ll still do that), but I’m starting to trend towards blogging about my adventures.

In the dog days of summer in Ocean City, Maryland.
In the dog days of summer in Ocean City, Maryland.

This is because I like to explore and take photos along the way. Plus, most of my adventures are all weather related so it still works.

But I do like the beach. I probably spend 1-2 days a week there. It definitely helps that I live only 35 minutes away (without traffic).

There’s just something about the beach with the sand between your toes, the salty air, and getting a tan.

To me, it’s the best part about summer.

Watching the waves is also a nice perk. It’s very calming. I could sit there all day and watch the waves. I just hope that the sand doesn’t get too hot because that sand burn.

Beach Weekend

I have plans for the beach this weekend and it is expected to be HOT!

Like heat indices of near 100 degrees!

That’s the type of heat that can melt the bottom of your flip flops, but that does mean that taking a dip in the ocean does sound pretty good.

The ocean temperature right by me is also about 70 degrees… nice and comfortable.

Hot and muggy days at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware. This is an overlook of the Delaware Bay.
Hot and muggy days at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware. This is an overlook of the Delaware Bay.

This weekend will definitely be a hot one and the beach is sure to be packed.

It’ll be the type of day where you’ll want to be there early and claim a spot as close to the water as you can… all because of that burning sand.

Plus, then you can enjoy the waves crashing onto the beach, although, it is expected to be very calm. There will be little to no wind, and it’ll be a miracle if there’s a sea breeze.

This means that there is hardly any relief from that heat… especially because it’ll be a west wind.

Despite the heat, I am more than excited to go on the beach. I’ve already lost count of how many times I have been this season, but the beach never gets old.

But maybe towards August I’ll write another blog post stating how I’m tired of the beach and then I’ll hangout by the pool all day.

But as of now, the beach it is, and it’s still a good places to ‘escape’ the heat and enjoy what nature provides.

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  1. I love the beach too unfortunately I live in Scotland so my opportunities to go are limited! I find it so relaxing and a place I can clear my head. I hope there are may days this year that you can spend at the beach.


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