Sunsets Take You Back to Reflect on Life

Ahhh the sunrise or sunset. You can’t go wrong watching one. Everything about it is natural and no matter how many you have seen, every single one is different.

It’s really amazing.

When you watch a sunset it’s like you’re the only thing around and all of these thoughts go right through your head.

Isle of Wight Bay sunset in Ocean City, Maryland.
Isle of Wight Bay sunset in Ocean City, Maryland.

In other words… you’re having a moment… but in a good way.

It’s you and the sunset and nothing else really matters. You wonder how your life is going, what mistakes have you’ve made, or you appreciate everything that you have already.

Either way when you watch this natural event that happens once every 24 a lot can race through your mind.

Only Lasting a Few Minutes

Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset you don’t want to blink because each one only lasts a few minutes. And it changes every split second.

There may be more reds and oranges one minute and then pinks and blues in the next.

It really is a fabulous sight to see.

And I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and this place is perfect to view both.

There is the Atlantic Ocean to view the sunrises and then there’s the various bay’s you can view the sunset from. But it doesn’t just end there. The Eastern Shore is also located along the Chesapeake Bay.

No matter where you are on the Peninsula there is no way you can mess up a perfect sunrise or sunset. There are really endless positions you can pick from.

My Perfect Sunset

I had the chance to see one of my favorite sunsets that I have ever seen just the other day. This one wasn’t completely sunny out, but there was actually rain and cloudy skies in the distance. This let in the perfect amount of orange to highlight the streaks of rain.

Isle of Wight sunset in Ocean City, Maryland.
Isle of Wight sunset in Ocean City, Maryland.

I actually think that some of the best sunsets need clouds. This breaks up the lighting and the beam of light show through the atmosphere creating defintion in the sky.

It really is a work of art. Natural art that humans can’t create.

This is why seeing one of these features really takes away your breath and can make you reflect back and take a look at your life.

It isn’t always about the weather, but it’s how the weather affects you. And I’ll continue to say that it does. While some weather features may be bad, many are good… just like the views of the sun in the horizon.

While I’ve seen many sunsets while living here, one day I’ll get up early enough to watch the sunrise along the ocean and you can take a bet that there will be a blog post on it and it’ll be in the nearby future.

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