Starting a blog is difficult and it has been for me so far.

I’m only getting a few views a day and I have around 50 posts so far.

That’s definitely not a lot of attraction.

But I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’m told that it’s usually a slow start and the key is to not give up.

It takes a while for the internet or search engines to realize who you are. And once you obey all of the rules of thumb, then your blog should be gaining traction.

My First Start

As stated already, my blog has had a slow start with only a few views a day.

I started back in September of 2016 and have been holding the domain since then. I had initially started to blog because I wanted to keep busy since I had just moved to North Dakota and knew nothing about the area, but through time I stopped working on the blog because I started to appreciated where I was living.

This led to me to only write a few posts and figure out how WordPress worked initially. This included read a few ‘blogging for dummies books.’ And the process was slow.

In college, I knew how to write HTML and tried to figure out blogging from there, but I realized that wordpress had kept it simple.

And yet it was really hard to figure out.

I gave up on blogging for about 1.5 years. Then I moved again and now I picked back up on it. I redesigned my whole website, wrote more articles, and changed the theme a few times.

I went from teaching you weather and climate, to food and recipes, and then back to meteorology.

Why the Change?

Because I wanted something that everyone talks about — weather — but then I realized I like to cook — but then I found that my passion is for weather when blogging.

So my final decision is to blog about weather.

And that changeover from food to weather occurred earlier this year.

Now, to be honest, my blog did have more popularity when I was writing food recipes, but then I saw my numbers decrease when I changed over to weather again.

And now I have changed a few formats and improved SEO and now I’m slowly building up a few numbers here and there.

I still feel like I should be having higher numbers, but the process is slow.

And so are profits.


In my changeover from food and back to weather I decided to add ads for a way to pay off my funds for my website so far.

This process has also been slow, but I am starting to see a gradual increase each day… I’m talking pennies worth… so not very much.

But they do say that the pennies do add up and that’s just what I’m hoping for each and every day.

In total, I hope to continue blogging about my experiences about blogging, the weather, and my adventures.

I will continue to make a few posts a week no matter the instance. I also hope to make a post a month about the blog itself and update you on progress, and continue to develop my writing skills.

Just because I know they aren’t the greatest.

But that can always be improved, just like my blog, It’s All About the Weather.