8 Reasons Why Weather Matters to You

The weather matters to you. It impacts everyone and everything, including the decisions that you make. Meteorology is not an easy science to study and that’s why there are very few meteorologists out there, but we are important to you.

As already stated, the weather is important to you, and here’s 8 reasons why it is.

Affects Where You Live

If you don’t like the heat then you might want to move somewhere cold. If you don’t like the heat then you move somewhere warm. It also depends if you like the snow or sunshine. It is a matter of preference, but it does impact where you live or where you might want to move to.

Weather can impact where you live... in the rain or snow. Salisbury, Maryland in winter 2019.
Weather can impact where you live… in the rain or snow. Salisbury, Maryland in winter 2019.

Impacts Your Mood

Your mood can be impacted based on the weather because of the amount of daylight in a day or if it’s cloudy you could feel more depressed. The days in the winter months (northern hemisphere) are shorter in length when it comes to daylight and they are colder. This can make you lazy and depressed. I know it can for me. I like to be active and when it’s summer the days are longer and I like to get out, but in the winter it’s the exact opposite. I tend to sleep a lot more.

What to Wear

This one is no secret. The weather impacts what you wear during the day or at night. To keep warm, you obviously put on a thick jacket or no jacket in the heart of summer. The weather decides if you wear pants or shorts, a long sleeve or a tank top. If it’s raining you might think twice about putting on a pair of sneakers just to avoid wet feet and put the sandals on instead. The options here are really endless because the weather is ever so important on what you decided to wear. This is just scratching the surface.

How You Sleep

Sleeping can be difficult at night when it’s hot outside and you have no air conditioning on. This can be a rough time, but when it’s nice and cool you can go underneath the covers and have a good nights sleep. And when you factor in the mugginess it can make conditions even worse. What about a thunderstorm in the middle of the night? This can wake you up or you could sleep right through it. There are ways to keep cool of course.

Determines Your Vacations

Your vacations can be impacted by the weather. You can plan a beach vacation but you learn that a hurricane is developing and it’s a decision of whether you go on your vacation or not. The weather can lead to wanting to escape the cold and head somewhere warm and tropical. The options are limitless, but the weather really does impact your planning.

Ocean City, Maryland Air Show 2019. The weather can decide your plans.
Ocean City, Maryland Air Show 2019. The weather can decide your plans.


The amount of daylight doesn’t just impact your mood. It can impact your plans. Say you want to watch the sunrise or sunset, or you can make plans easier if it’s still light outside. Like you don’t really want to take a walk when it’s dark outside. Another example is when it’s already starting to get dark out while you’re at work.

Your Job

This is a big one. The weather can easily impact your job. For me especially, I am a meteorologist and when severe weather is expected I have to be prepared to alert the public. But if you’re an electrician, you can’t necessarily work while it’s raining outside. Or if you’re a farmer you’re probably hoping for just the right amount of rain. If you’re a lifeguard then you want nice sunny skies and warm temperatures. Weather can impact office jobs, say you’re selling insurance, well, if an extended forecast is calling for a major storm, you might want to increase your prices. The options are endless, but if you think about it, nearly every single job can be impacted by the weather.

Your Life

Weather doesn’t just affect your job, how you sleep, or your mood, it can determine a life of death situation. If you’re not prepared for a big weather event it can catch you off guard and not be prepared for the worst. So you better be ready for anything that can come your way. Especially when it comes with little to no warning. This includes flash flooding, tornadoes, and lightning strikes. Always be prepared because you never know.

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