The July Blogging Journey

The streak of owning a blog continues to be tough. From my first post (last month) of my blog review it has remained fairly steady.

I had a total of 9 blog posts for the month of July and I worked hard to create those posts. I’ve been striving to make each post over 400 words (including this one), and have at least 3-4 pictures (with this post as an exception) because I know that’s what attracts the eye, and include good search terms.

What I’ve Noticed

I’m still not into SEO and I know that’s relatively important, but my blog is only on the WordPress premium plan so I’m not able to have plugins. If I upgrade then that is included, but my blog doesn’t generate too many funds to pay for the business plan.

Within the July month I have also noticed that I can’t change my domain name. All of my domains include the date and the page title.

For example:

I want the domain to just include and the title of the blog page, but that again comes with the business plan. Something new that wordpress has changed. I had to figure this out by researching the internet and finding out that the ‘settings for my domain’ page has been terminated from my premium plan. So I’m stuck with the date in my domain for now.

And I do believe that this is deeply hindering the growth of my blog because when people search for a term they are coming up with the most recent date and the further back in time my post is, the less relevant it becomes.

Blog Posts

The month of July also had me writing different blog posts. They weren’t so much the weather, but more about the my adventures or places I have been to. They weren’t so much about my personal experiences, but about the facts about the places.

A majority of my posts were about hiking. It tended to grab the views and likes I needed for a post. My post about Theodore Roosevelt National Park had the most views… with 18 and 7 likes with 4 comments. That’s probably the best I’ve ever had and people still do click on it. I do have to say it’s still not what I’d like it to be. I wish had a few hundred if not a few thousand hits, but it takes time. Other posts of “About Me” and “Green Tea with Garlic” continue to get hits. And I question the views of the green tea post just because that isn’t what my blog is about anymore.

I’ve stayed away from my weather posts just because I’m finding that people like reading about the adventures and not exactly learning about weather. I’m not giving up on the weather aspect because that’s who I am and I still want more people to learn about the science because it does impact you every day.

Numbers and Figures

July was a good month for numbers. Not where I want them to be, but they’re increasing. June had 155 visitors and 767 views. Well, July brought 190 visitors and 824 views. I’ll take that near 22% percent increase for visitors. To me, the more visitors I have the better. Yes, views are great and that means people are clicking around, but I like the increased traffic.

My goal for the month of August is to continue increasing those numbers. I am almost at 5,000 views total, since my blog has started, and maybe I can stretch it so we get 1,000 views for the month of August? That would bring me to 6,000 views by September 1st. We will have to see. I do plan on making less posts throughout this month, so it’ll be interesting to see if that will alter my numbers.

As far as money goes. My blog isn’t earning much. I managed to get over 3,000 ads, but that only compensated to $0.39 in funds for the blogging of my future. As like with views and visitors, I hope to continuing seeing that number rise. Like they say, every penny counts or a penny saved is a penny earned.

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  1. Blogging is tough! I just wrapped up my fourth month of blogging consistently (I started my blog last year, got frustrated and quit two months in) and it’s a daily struggle to know what to do to drive growth. Thanks for sharing your blogging journey!


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