Views From an Airplane

I haven’t taken many airplane rides, but when I do the first thing I do is hope for the window seat.

I always book the cheapest flight (obviously) and so I don’t get to pick my seat. This keeps the anxiety and nerves going until my seat is assigned.

By the time I check in my seat name is labeled and if I see an “A” that’s when I know I have the window… and I know it’s going to be a good trip.

So off I go on the flight.

Since I’m a meteorologist I absolutely love the view from 30,000 feet above. Looking at the ground. Looking at the clouds. Looking at the water. You name whatever you can see from the sky it’s amazing.

About to land in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
About to land in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a view of the skyline.

You can fly with the sunrise or sunset. You can watch the cars moving along the highways. You can watch the cumulonimbus clouds grow as the thunderstorms develop.

Diverted Flight

This is when you know that your flight is making a few turns to avoid those thunderstorms. You can see where you’re heading if your flight has a flight tracker on the tv screen in front of you.

Flight in motion.
The path of the flight and trying to avoid the thunderstorms.

If it does, you’ll notice when you’re dodging those storms. The plane goes out of the original path. It goes north to dodge one storm then goes south to dodge another… adding time to your flight.

But it’s worth it because sometimes you can see the sky light up from the view you have from looking out of the window.

It takes it to a new appreciation for thunderstorm development when you’re equal level with the storms and not just from a satellite or from the ground watching from a safe distance.

It truly is amazing.

It’s what nature provides and it’s spectacular.

You can also look into the horizon and notice that the heat and humidity is filtered just down to the lower parts of the atmosphere. This isn’t unusual for this time of year since it’s summer and the temperatures are in the 90s.

Flying over Lake Michigan.
Flying over Lake Michigan.

What a difference it is between the different areas of the country. The humidity is kicking in the east, but in the west it is much drier, also adding variety to the clouds.  

The cloud structures are amazing with all the different textures. It’s a sight that never gets old and you can only look forward to the plane ride back and hope for another window seat.

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