August — Blogging is Slowing Down

It definitely wasn’t the best month for my blog. I was starting to lose motivation, but I’m here writing this so I still must be in it to win it.

I would say that for me, the hardest part is trying to figure out what to write about. I like to write about the weather and write about my adventures, but it is still a chore to be able to sit down and get the writing creativity going.

Having said that, I only wrote 3 posts last month. They were Hiking Red Rock Canyon Conservation – Las Vegas , The Nature of Zion, and my July Blogging Journey.

I might have only written those 3 posts but overall they gained just as much traffic as when I wrote 8 for the month of July. I call that a win. I was more active on social media, so my stats are up on that and that gained more traction to my blog.

The Numbers

When it comes to the numbers I fell short of what my goal was (which is probably where my lack of posts/blogs comes from), but I still consider it not half bad.

For August, I had 187 visitors and 594 views (that’s with 3 posts). And to reflect back from July ,I had 190 visitors and 824 views.

The views between months added to be just a few less for visitors and views where also down by much more.

For profits, it was also less. I use ads supplied by WordPress and it was also down – but not by much. For August I had 3,198 ads and in July 3,251 ads were displayed. I made only $0.22.

Once again, considering I had only 3 posts this whole month my numbers weren’t far off from the past two months. But there still wasn’t any growth.

Search engines and Facebook were also my best sources of gaining viewers or how viewers found me.

The Posts

I consider myself a travel, adventures, and weather blog, but my food posts continue to gain attraction… especially my garlic and green tea. I’m still not sure why it does, but it gain views from other countries so I’m deciding to keep it in. I do eventually want to delete all of my recipes from this because I have changed over from food to weather, but that won’t be until it gets less views or declines.

My next best post continued to be my July Blogging Journey, which is good because that was from this month. This was then followed by my other written posts this year.

The Goal

My goal for the month of September will continue to be gaining views and add a few more posts. My goal should never be less in anything. And I do eventually want to make this blog profitable so I do not want to give up.

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