September – Another Slow Month of Blogging

I’m not going to sugarcoat it… blogging is tough and it is a struggle to even write these posts. I am not a writer by any means, but I still want to tough it out and see where this blog goes in a year from now.

I still want to write about the weather, but as you can tell by looking at my homepage I haven’t written any of those blogs in about two months. In fact, I’ve only blogged about how my blog was doing for the month of August.

That is a grand total of 2 blogs in two months. Terrible.

I hope to do at least two this month and I’m going to set that as a goal.

Regardless of my lack of posting, the numbers or stats of my blog haven’t really dwindled.

The Statistics

With my total of one blog post, I managed to attract 182 people with 591 totals views. That is just slightly below the numbers for August. August had 189 visitors with 594 views. I would like to think that that’s impressive, but with about 50 totals posts on my page it’s no bueno.

If you looked at my previous posts about the month of July then you would’ve realized that July was a good month as it did have 8 totals posts (which had higher stats).

It does amaze me that my post on the Green Tea and Garlic continues to get the most views. This was then followed by About Me and my August blogging post.

While I may not regularly blog much, I do check my stats nearly every single day. With that being said, I have noticed that I am gaining traction among other posts. Which is great!!

A few months ago I went through all of my posts and changed my keywords and according to the research that I did, it takes time for search engines to realize that change and I think this is now a result of that.

Hopefully, now this upcoming month of October will show even higher numbers.

My ad numbers were also up with a total of 3,733 for September… and August had 3,198… that’s an improvement with only 1 posts.

In the Long Run

Like previously stated, blogging is tough and I am not a blogger by any means, but I do want to keep this blog up and running. But I may shift gears a little bit.

I have recently acquired a sewing machine and I am giving that a go and trying to build an inventory of products to sell. Be on the lookout for… Crafting Your Needs.

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