Bigger Things Are Ahead

My last post was about how the month of September went and I said I would be writing more blog posts so here it is:

The short story is that I am opening an Etsy shop.

It is titled “Crafting Your Needs.'”

The title says it all. I am crafting the things that you need! And it’s just what you thought you may not have needed, but you do.

So far, on my shop I have a Cell Phone Holder, an Earbud Pouch, and a Zippered Bag. There are plans to expand, but it takes time to create an inventory. Just in a little bit, I will also be adding in reusable make-up wipes.

Fabric Earbud Holder, Cord Holder, Coin Pouch
This is all hand-sewn and crafted by me. This is mainly an earbud holder, but can be used for pretty much anything small.

Reusable is also the keyword in my shop. Everything that I sew and craft, you will be able to use more than once. This also helps the environment… because after all, I am a meteorologist and this is an important time to create these types of products.

My shop did just open yesterday (Oct 16.) and it is all handmade and crafted by me.

How it Started

My mother taught herself to sew many years ago and she has acquired a few sewing machines along the way and one of them she no longer uses. So, she asked me if I wanted it… I initially said no.

Well, time came to pass and I needed a hobby and I thought that maybe I could start sewing and maybe start a little side hustle along the way.

This isn’t a first for me learning how to sew. She did teach me a long time ago. In fact, I did sew my own dress (15 years ago) and I still have it hanging in my closet today.

Now, 15 years later I am starting back up and have spent hours upon hours crafting my products. Let’s just say that I have messed up more than once (okay, 100’s of times already) just while sewing my line… I have learned that it is time and patience that is needed in sewing, but I am giving it a go.

Let’s see how “Crafting Your Needs” does and you can help by supporting me.

Along the way, I may change my blog over to a sewing one or just change up my posts here and there. Eventually, I may want to develop sewing videos and create patterns to share to you all… stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Bigger Things Are Ahead

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  1. I actually didn’t know what to expect with the title indicating “It’s All About the Weather’ but pleased to see that you are into creating things, especially hand-made sewing. I loved to sew and appreciate those that do. Best of luck to you!


    1. I keep changing my ideas about my blogging. It’s hard to be motivated to write, so I’m trying to come up with what does and being that I just started sewing is another new possibility.


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