About Me

I grew up in New Jersey and have always had an interest in weather. It was always my dream to be a broadcast meteorologist. So I knew, I just had to go to for meteorology. Upon graduation of high school, I attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick. In 2016, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in meteorology and a minor in Geography. Now if someone asks about the weather, I can easily explain as to why there’s clouds in the sky or why a thunderstorm occurs. Immediately after Rutgers I was given the opportunity to finally become a broadcast meteorologist at KXMB KX News in Bismarck, North Dakota. After a 1,600 mile drive I was finally living my dream.

It was a challenge getting used to forecasting for a new part of the country. In New Jersey, you can see the fronts sweep across the Northeast and immediately know that storms will arrive in the afternoon, but in North Dakota it gets a little tricky. The summer storms need to have all of the weather ingredients to come together, then if it does it will most likely be a busy weather day since the storms pop up and usually travel east. The weather can easily change in a matter of hours in the given day.

In North Dakota, weather is the biggest news story, and surely enough I reported on it constantly. With multiple stories on the 2017 drought, the December 2016 Blizzards, Air Quality, and the countless everyday reports, I have learned a lot and met many people telling their owns stories and the list keeps on growing.

As an inspired meteorologist there was no real weather event that got me started in this field, but I can say I love it all, whether it be Hurricanes, Blizzards, or Severe Weather. And no matter the case, you will always find me looking at the sky.