Bigger Things Are Ahead

"Crafting Your Needs" is Etsy's newest arts and crafts shop that is all handsewn by me. It is everything that you need to make your life easier.

What You Can See from a Satellite?

Satellite imagery is probably one of my most favorite things about meteorology. The pictures that satellites can grab from miles up in the atmosphere is amazing. And with the technology that we have today these images are crisp and clear. The fairly new GOES-16 weather satellite has state of the art equipment. And for the... Continue Reading →

Meteorologists Help Save Lives

While growing up I have always been fascinated by the weather and I have always wanted to learn the dynamics or the reasons why weather forms in the first place. And I did learn all of that. Tornadoes form because of different air masses, cold weather is in the winter months, and why hurricanes are... Continue Reading →

Weather Forms Where??

The layer in the atmosphere where weather occurs is in the troposphere. The troposphere gets colder the higher the altitude and weather forms here.

Jobs You Can have with a Met Degree

Everyone knows their local weatherman or local meteorologist. You have to get your weather from somewhere and that 'somewhere' forecast is driven from a forecaster... and they have a degree in meteorology. But what if you're thinking about getting that degree or you already have one?... what do you do with it??? That's the ultimate... Continue Reading →

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